Roy Corey (xerhino) wrote in perl,
Roy Corey

CPAN? Might as well call it CPAIN.

Ok, no. I love CPAN. But, for all the things it does effortlessly, I have never had SOAP::Lite install from CPAN. It’s somewhere in the dependancies (it’s not expat, I have that). I always end up having to download source for several of the dependent modules, which install fine, and doing the rest one level at a time till I’m at the SOAP::Lite install. Anyone know why that is? Why would a module install with no special instructions or configuration options from a make command, but not CPAN? The closest I can figure is maybe some dependency is not detected correctly even though it is compiling correctly. Or maybe there is some problem with the requirements trees? Nah. Maybe just the tests, though I’d think they would be the same for make installs as CPAN installs. Anyone have some greater insight about this? Does this happen to you too?
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