le_trombone (le_trombone) wrote in perl,

CPAN Search Plugin With Firefox

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i always use the shortcut feature in firefox bookmarks, they are easier to use without involving a mouse (i have yet to figure out how to change search engines by the keyboard)
with focus on the search box, ctrl + up/down arrow.
Inspired by this request & frequent use of search.cpan.org, I created one for the "Groowe" search toolbar (I use Groowe, a Firefox addon, see www.groowe.com, which provided quick access for many search-engines). After installing the add-on, you can click the 1st icon (the G icon) on the toolbar, then "Add more toolbars" in the menu, then on the page it takes you too, click thru the page#s at the bottom until you find CPAN Search v1.0 by turnerjw784 (me) and add it. After adding, you'll need to make a slight tweak - edit ~/.mozilla/firefox/[yourfirefoxprofile].default/GrooweFiles/CPAN.xml, line 8 and change the URL part at the end to:


NOTE: the "amp;" part should be as shown!

The Groowe search-engine "builder" site that allowed me to build this would not allow me to create this properly, hence the necessary tweak.